The Best Natural Beauty Deals From Credo’s Friends and Family Sale

It’s hard to know who to trust out there in the beauty world. When it comes to “clean” beauty, we’ve seen companies take some liberties with how they greenwash products. Brands make an art of implying that they’re doing good and treating the environment right, but it’s not always transparent how exactly so. Retailers like Credo have stepped in to provide some order, strictly curating the best natural products on the market. The only downside is that thoughtful formulas take work to create, and that effort often translates into a heftier price tag. And while it must be nice to feel entirely confident about everything in your medicine cabinet, we’ve got to eat. So today’s a lucky break: Credo’s Friends and Family sale puts tons of the store’s offerings in the more affordable price range, with the code CLEAN20 lopping 20 percent off purchases from now through Sunday, November 4. Find your hit list below.

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