The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2018

You can always count on celebrities to pull out all the stops when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Need proof? Just take a look back at the very extra celebrity Halloween costumes of last year, from Kim Kardashian West and Jonathan Cheban (who did a next-level take on Sonny and Cher) to Cardi B. And let’s not forget the Halloween Queen herself, Heidi Klum, who each year somehow tops her costume from the one before. (Think: Michael Jackson from the Thriller music video in 2017 and Jessica Rabbit in 2015.) Whatever the celebrity Halloween costume idea, stars are always taking their spooky themes to the next level—or, at least, this year’s best-dressed contenders sure did. Below, 2018’s most epic (and in some cases, most over-the-top) celebrity Halloween costumes.

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