The Best Carry-on Luggage, According to Women Who Travel 24/7

Hear that? It’s the sound of airports filling up with holiday travelers—and while navigating your way through jam-packed terminals may be stressful, it’s not as stressful as shoving your best travel essentials, meticulously selected gifts, and puffiest down jackets into a suitcase that’s seen some things and may fall apart at any moment.

So we asked the pros: 15 real women who travel like it’s, well, their jobs—and know the value of solid carry-on luggage. From editors to brand founders, we asked them to share what they think is the best carry-on luggage to travel with. Whether you use a folding method that would make Marie Kondo proud, or adhere to a “throw everything in and zip it up” philosophy, these picks will turn you into a carry-on-at-all-costs kind of traveler.

Read on for the best carry-on luggage, according to women who’ve probably racked up more frequent flier miles in the last month than you have all year. Bon voyage.

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