The Best Blue Lipsticks and What They Look Like On

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten close to navy lipstick with a ten-foot pole. I was barely comfortable wearing bright red lipstick outside, let alone a blue lipstick color so dark, it gives black a run for its Hot Topic money. The market wasn’t really there, either: it existed in a few all-encompassing brands’ ranges, but options were few and far between.

But as we’ve slowly begun shaking loose the knot of appearance and identity, no longer do these formerly unconventional lipstick shades feel reserved for only moody teenagers. So we’ve seen navy lipstick follow in black’s tracks, with beautiful blue formulas making their way onto shelves from a range of brands. CoverGirl, Tom Ford, Bite Beauty—they’ve all got options. These shades take a little guts to wear, but Glamour‘s editors can attest, welcoming blackberry lip color into your life pays off in the extreme. Hey, if it’s good enough for Prudence Night

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