The Arrow-verse Just Added An Important DC Villain To The Crossover

We all knew the Arrow-verse crossover would be jam-packed with characters. You can now count yet another addition to those entering the fray. This one is a vital villain from the DC universe. The supervillain Psycho-Pirate just hopped aboard “Elseworlds.” Here is what you need to know.

The Arrow-verse has cast The 100‘s Bob Frazer to play Roger Hayden — a.k.a. — Psycho-Pirate, per EW. In which of the crossover installments will he make his debut? Arrow and Supergirl‘s episodes will play host to his introduction.

That is a crucial bit of info, because that means Psycho-Pirate will not be featured in the Arrow-verse’s premiere episode. That honor belongs to The Flash. Therefore, fans will have to wait until one episode in to catch a glimpse of the DC villain. In the comics, the character has the power to manipulate people’s emotions by way of a gold Medusa Mask.

The way in which Psycho-Pirate will be introduced in the crossover is foreboding. The Arrow-verse will meet him as an inmate at Arkham Asylum, the institution for the criminally insane. If it sounds familiar, there’s a good reason — Arkham has housed the most infamous DC villains, in both the comics and multiple adaptations.

As for Bob Frazer, his role comes after making an appearance as an “angry father” on Supergirl. It is doubtful that was a casting Easter egg. Frazer also recently appeared on The CW’s hit series The 100 as Captain Stevens. His role as Psycho-Pirate will mark his latest on the superhero-centered network. The introduction of Psycho-Pirate is another hint into the story that will be featured in “Elseworlds.”

This casting is just the latest piece in the puzzle regarding the crossover putting a spotlight on Gotham City. That is where Arkham is located, and we already know Batwoman will make her big debut in the crossover event. She could always travel away from there, though.

With Arkham Asylum playing a role in “Elseworlds,” and other extraordinary elements coming to the forefront, it makes one wonder: What if seeing a black-suited Superman, and Arrow and The Flash switching superhero identities, is the result of some sort of hallucination? A mind-bending trip of some kind? Then again, there are multiple Earths, so that may hold the real answer.

Whatever happens, it is going to be huge. The Arrow-verse’s fifth crossover event will feature the much-buzzed-about introduction of Batwoman and the excitement will not stop there. “Elseworlds” will also include the intro of Grimm‘s Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, and the return of Superman. The crossover will span three consecutive nights of programming on The CW.

Watch Psycho-Pirate make his debut when “Elseworlds” gets underway. The Arrow-verse crossover featuring The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl begins December 9 and concludes December 11 on The CW. The superhero shows are among many returning to The CW this fall.

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