The Arrow-verse Crossover Will Feature More Than One Flash

The annual Arrow-verse crossover is always a big deal, and the 2018 event promises to be the wildest yet. Sure, last year featured Nazis from another Earth invading to steal Supergirl’s heart, but the “Elseworlds” extravaganza could be even crazier. A new photo from the crossover has hit the web, and it reveals a second Flash will be in the mix. Take a look!

Yes, John Wesley Shipp will be back in the friction-proof suit for the “Elseworlds” crossover in December. Given that all signs point to this year’s event as an altogether mixed-up affair, it might be hasty to say that Shipp is playing the same Earth-3 Jay Garrick he usually plays when suited up as a speedster. If Oliver Queen is The Flash, Barry Allen is Green Arrow, and Batwoman is on the way, who’s to say this isn’t a Jay Garrick we haven’t seen before?

The image (courtesy of Arrow star Stephen Amell on Twitter) shows Supergirl, Oliver Queen as Flash, Jay Garrick as another Flash, and Barry Allen as Green Arrow. As exciting as it is to see John Wesley Shipp on set for the crossover, it would be easy to overlook the others in the photo. It’s definitely going to be strange to see Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin wearing each other’s outfits, and not just because they have different body types. Oliver Queen really isn’t the bright red bodysuit kind of guy.

John Wesley Shipp has been wearing one Flash suit or another off and on since the 90s, when he played Barry Allen in a different live-action series. Shipp already told CinemaBlend that big improvements have been made in the realm of TV superhero suits since the 90s, so we can bet that this suit is much more comfortable than the one during his first turn as the Scarlet Speedster.

Jay Garrick won’t be the only non-regular Arrow-verse superhero to turn up for the “Elseworlds” crossover, although he’ll still be wearing his iconic suit. The other returning hero will be wearing all black rather than his usual red and blue. Then again, Barry and Oliver will be wearing matching leather at some point, so it’s difficult to say anything for certain about the crossover based on outfits.

In case that distant photo of the four heroes wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, Stephen Amell shared a closer photo of the double dose of Flashes in the crossover:

Those are two happy speedsters! It should be interesting to see whether Stephen Amell gets to bring any of his personal joy to his performance or if Flash Oliver will be as serious as Green Arrow Oliver, just under a red cowl rather than a green hood. Whatever happens, we can count on John Wesley Shipp in the mix, and that can only be fun. Besides, whatever happens in Gotham City, an extra speedster couldn’t hurt.

With Arkham inmates potentially running amok, all the heroes available should be on the scene to help. The Dark Knight won’t be around, but Batwoman will, and she should be deliver plenty of batty action without Bruce Wayne in the mix. Kate Kane’s costume as Batwoman is already one of my favorites of any of the female Arrow-verse superhero suits, if not my absolute favorite.

The only bad news is that we still have more than a month until the Arrow-verse crossover kicks off in December. The good news is that all four shows in the Arrow-verse — including Legends of Tomorrow, which won’t actually be part of the “Elseworlds” event — are officially back in swing with their new seasons this fall.

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