The 6 Gnarliest Kills In The Hunt

Three Arrows, Two Grenades

There are a good number of quick deaths in The Hunt, with characters killed fast so they don’t have to suffer too much, but that’s not really a fitting description of the fate faced by Chris Berry’s aptly named Target. For just a moment, it seems like the Manorgate victim is going to be okay, as he successfully finds the fence on the border of the estate, but he winds up just not being fast enough to make it over the barb wire to escape. Not only does he wind up taking a grand total of three arrows to his body, but he is put out of his misery courtesy of two grenades (with the first one being ineffective due to its pin not being pulled before being thrown). We don’t actually see Target’s final moments, as the film cuts away before the big explosion, but it’s definitely a gnarly death.

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