The 2019 Golden Globe Movie Nominations: See The Full List

In some ways, Awards Season is what each year’s contributions to TV and film all lead up to, as studios attempt to snatch some trophies and take a place in history. The Golden Globes is the first big night of the season, and has the distinction of honoring both film and TV contributions. The movie side of things is sometimes the bigger competition of the night, and now the Golden Globe nominations have begun coming out, revealing who to look out for. And be sure to check our TV nomination list as well.

The Golden Globe Awards can also be a bit of a mixed back in regards to results, and don’t always reflect which projects will win once the Academy Awards roll around later this year. As such, there are plenty of wildcards to look out for, in addition to the obvious winners and nominees. And on the night of, cinephiles will be able to see how it all shakes down, while also delighting in any awkward moments that might come from the booze-filled event. You can see how the nominations shake out right here at CinemaBlend.

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