The 10 Best Rachel McAdams Movies, Ranked

    When it comes to ranking Rachel McAdams’ movies, it’s worth noting that we paid careful consideration into Rachel McAdams’ roles in the films. So, for instance, even though Doctor Strange is a solid fantasy-action superhero movie, McAdams’ part in the Marvel blockbuster was widely criticized for being a one-dimensional character, one that wasn’t fitting for such a talented, well-versed performer. With that in mind, we opted not to include that movie in the ranking. 

    Additionally, Netflix’s The Little Prince is one of the best-reviewed movies in the star’s filmography, and McAdams’ voice-only supporting performance is strong in the animated film, but it’s not as easily comparable to her live-action roles, wherein she gets more screen-time. We should also mention that Disobedience, A Most Wanted Man, The Family Stone, To The Wonder, and The Family Stone, to only name a few, were among the other titles considered for this top ten ranking. Even though they missed the cut, each of them should be considered honorable mentions.

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