The 10 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies, Ranked

    3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    The Wolf of Wall Street is the fifth film Leonardo DiCaprio has worked on with Martin Scorsese, and in my opinion, his very best. In it, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a stock broker based off of a real person who made his fortune off of penny stocks. In fact, this is yet another biopic from DiCaprio and Scorsese. But unlike The Aviator where DiCaprio played Howard Hughes and it took place in the 20s-40s, The Wolf of Wall Street took place in the 1980s, so it contained all the sleazy excess that the decade represented. And Leo is just too good as a smarmy Wall Street guy. With that slicked back hair and that charming look in his eyes, it was the part he was born to play. It’s like the Oliver Stone movie, Wall Street, but on steroids.

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