Taylor Swift Reacts To Maggie Rogers’s ‘Tim McGraw’ Cover: ‘Heavenly’

“When you think Tim McGraw…” you probably think of Taylor Swift‘s starry-eyed 2006 debut single. But now you’ll also be able to think of the song’s latest rendition, which comes courtesy of indie-pop whiz Maggie Rogers.

The 24-year-old released her cover of the Swift classic on Wednesday (December 12) as part of her Spotify Singles release. It’s a warm interpretation that picks up the tempo a bit and replaces the original’s twangy flavor with radiant synths; all without losing an ounce of its magic.

On Instagram, Rogers wrote, “This song is classic songwriting at its finest and has meant so much to me for the last 10 years. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Looks like her wish came true, because Swift herself gave the cover her stamp of approval, sharing it on her Instagram Story and calling it “heavenly.”

Overall, it’s been a solid year for nostalgic Swifties eager to revisit the mid-aughts. Swift treated fans to at least one deep cut at every one of her Reputation Tour shows this fall, including, of course, a live version of “Tim McGraw” that she performed alongside the real Tim McGraw (a glow-up if I’ve ever heard of one!).

As for Rogers, her Spotify Singles session also included a hushed, stripped-down take on her recent most single, “Light On.” That song is one of a dozen tracks that will be included on her major label debut, Heard It in a Past Life, due out on January 18. Maybe her new fan Taylor Swift will even pick up a copy!

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