Taylor Swift Needs To Be ‘On The Right Side Of History’ In Miss Americana Trailer

The official trailer for Taylor Swift‘s new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, is finally out and the stirring two-minute preview peeks behind the screen and shining smile. The film, that’s out on January 31, is more than clips of her sold-out arenas and screaming fans; it’s scenes of her emotions overtaking her with additional context that shows her journey from a budding pop star into a once-in-a-generation talent with a voice for the people. Get ready to break out the tissues – this one’s heavy.

The trailer kicks off with Swift showing her signature spunk before a show, getting ready to take over a stage. Her narration takes us over the course of her career as we see clips of her early on, learning the industry. “Throughout my whole career, label executives would say that a nice girl doesn’t force her opinions on people, that a nice girls smiles and waves and says thank you,” she narrates. “I became the person that everyone wanted me to be.”

Her journey continues to play out over the screen as clips from talk shows and news stories that poke fun at her lifestyle choices paint the picture that she’s been the talk of the town for years and still is. Then, we see her, eyes puffy at home, tired of it all as she says, “nobody physically saw me for a year and that’s what I thought they wanted.”

Afterward, she reveals that changing her mindset, by focusing on what she believed in, helped to make her happier than ever. This meant speaking out about what was important to her and being uncompromising with her values.  “I need to do this to be on the right side of history,” she says in one of the clips as news stories talk about her using her voice for important social and cultural reasons. “It feels fucking awesome,” she says in another, grinning from ear to ear.

As the trailer ends, we see brief shots that show a bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the “You Need To Calm Down” video as well as one of Swift’s birthdays when she blew out candles on top of a small cake. From top to bottom, Miss Americana looks to zero in on the big events and the small to show how Swift has become one of pop’s most important musicians who utilizes her voice to sing for the people as well as herself.

Take a look at the Miss Americana trailer up above.

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