Target Is Making Ugly Holiday Sweater Dresses Now, And They’re a Sight to Behold

The wackiest display of the holiday cheer isn’t happening on the Hallmark Channel, or Netflix’s original movie selection this year. Rather, you can find it in an aisle of your local Target. You know ugly sweaters are A Thing—but in 2018, the retailer is leveling up, offering a line of ugly sweater dresses just in time for holiday parties. And they’re really something.

Target’s collection of festive knits has everything: a toy soldier, a snowman’s face, and even a two-tone blue menorah—all rendered into long-sleeved, short-skirted silhouettes. Each one takes the charm of an ugly holiday sweater and multiplies it by ten, just by having that much more room to show your seasonal spirit. And because they’re all under $50, you can justify one-time usage (or buying multiples, because why not.)

If your office, friend group, or family is having an ugly holiday sweater competition, these dresses are likely to win first place. Check out Target’s new riff on a seasonal favorite, ahead.

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