Tara Reid Is Not Pleased, Says She Didn’t Get Kicked Off Plane

Tara Reid has a lot to say about her Delta flight incident from earlier this week. The film and TV actress has often been the source of negative press over the years, but she wanted to clear the air about what she believes is an inaccurate and inappropriate news report from one infamous tabloid site. Providing her perspective on the reported incident, Reid hopes to set the record straight on what happened on that Delta flight. Here’s what she said.

In a self-penned letter published on her Instagram account, Tara Reid attempted to explain what went down during this airplane ride, and what caused this disturbance that has since been reported on by TMZ. In the statement, Reid claimed she was flying to New York City in order to shoot a new film. Before she set out to travel to the Big Apple, the Sharknado actress states she made arrangements to travel with the dog companion, a three-month-old pup, whom Tara Reid calls her “emotional support dog.”

She claims to have had “every right” to bring the dog in the midst of traveling to the shoot, including the proper paperwork. But Delta disagreed, apparently, and that’s when Tara Reid and the plane company found themselves at odds.

When a flight attendant tried to persuade the actress to put the dog in the overhead bin, or placed inside carry-on, Tara Reid refused, claiming that doing so was “absurd.” The Big Lebowski actress says the animal is unable to breathe inside the container, and she wouldn’t put the dog in the bin, believing it wasn’t right. The flight attendant once again tried to alleviate the situation by putting the puppy “in the belly of the plane,” a decision that Reid also took issue with.

Tara Reid didn’t want to “abandon the dog,” so she didn’t accept any of the options presented to her by the flight attendants. With that, Reid claims she “gracefully declined and deboarded” the plane, and she wanted to make the point that this decision came at her “own accord.” Reid pointed to the video that was posted on TMZ and claimed there was no “disturbance” to be found.

Also, Tara Reid found a different plane that accommodated the dog demands, and she made her way to New York City in order to shoot her new movie. Reid believes this isn’t the story that was communicated.

Without being on the plane, it’s hard to know what exactly went down during Tara Reid’s travels. But the actress is sticking to her guns and claiming that TMZ’s reporting of the situation was completely in error. Furthermore, she wanted to let the media know that her team is willing to accept questions. Should any reporter want to know more about the story, that is. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news right here.

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