Tame Impala Lit Up The Kimmel Stage With Two Performance Debuts

Tame Impala were the musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 2). It was the perfect time to give The Slow Rush tracks “Breathe Deeper” and “Lost In Yesterday” their performance debuts and, in signature Tame Impala fashion, they were hallucinating, lights-driven experiences. Kevin Parker and the gang’s time-stopping feats are breathtaking.

Sliding, color-changing graphics on a double-screened backdrop and blinking bulbs played a hand in setting the mystifying mood of the show. Parker’s cherubic voice on “Breathe Deeper” danced on top of the screaming keyboard keys as red bulbs bore holes into his skin.

“Lost In Yesterday” was given a treatment of purple lights that felt infinitely more groovy. The onstage backdrop looked like a journey to the center of a black hole as Parker sang about letting go of the past to be ready for today. Instead of losing yourself in nostalgia, you’ll be lost in this experience.

Tame Impala dropped The Slow Rush, their first album in nearly five years, on Valentine’s Day. It featured “Patience,” “Posthumous Forgiveness,” and more.

Check out Tame Impala’s Kimmel performances up above.

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