Sweater Blazers Are the Best Fashion Item You’ve Never Heard Of

Traditionally, there’s a clear divide between your work-to-work clothes and your out-of-office clothes: Whereas the former is most likely stiff and structured (think suits and trousers), the later is soft and plush (more like leggings and oversized sweaters.) But the line between “professional” and “everything else” wardrobes are blurring—a distinctly millennial trend—and retail reflects that. This became increasingly apparent to me recently, when a coworker introduced me to the best fashion item I had never heard of, the sweater blazer. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: an open-front, long-sleeved sweater with added seams and structure (along the back, around the shoulders, at the collar) to mimic the silhouette of a blazer. It feels more polished than a cardigan, but just as cozy as your favorite pullover. J.Crew, Vince, Theory, and other labels known for their modern approach to workwear have all jumped on this hybrid garment. I went from not knowing what a “sweater blazer” was to feeling a desperate need to buy one in just a matter of days—hey, staying comfortable while still looking professional strikes me as an immediate win-win.

Open your eyes to the simple joy that is the “sweater blazer” by shopping our two-in-one picks, ahead.

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