Surprise, Ethan Suplee Is Ripped Now After Losing Hundreds Of Pounds

Actor Ethan Suplee said he’s lost and gained at least 1,000 pounds over the course of his life. Now, the 43-year-old Remember the Titans and My Name Is Earl star said he’s close to his goal of having a six-pack. Fans who haven’t been keeping up with his body transformations were shocked by the photos he posted to Instagram, and probably only noticed them because the actor just launched a new podcast called American Glutton.

On his new American Glutton podcast, Ethan Suplee talks about all of the diets he’s been on in the past two decades, sharing what worked for him and what made him gain all of his weight back plus an extra 50 pounds.

Ethan Suplee revealed he went on his first diet at age 5 after he visited his grandparents in Vermont and they were shocked at his size. So they started limiting his food and he learned that when he wanted a second helping of lasagna he had to grab it fast when they weren’t looking. It taught him that food was something people didn’t want him to have, so he would binge in private.

Ethan Suplee said he was over 200 pounds by the time he was 10, and that was when his dad put him on a liquid diet of diet soda and protein shakes. He said he was losing weight but his mom didn’t like the diet so she pulled him off it. He had another weight surge and didn’t really think about dieting again until he was around 20. When he started working on a project in Romania, he started the liquid diet again and shed about 60 pounds.

Ethan Suplee said he’s tried all kinds of diets from South Beach and Atkins to blood type, Keto, etc. He said during his most successful time for weight loss, he lost at least 210 pounds. Sounds like the 6-foot-1-inch tall star wasn’t happy during that period, though, since he described his body “skin and bones” and it came from riding something like 100 miles a day, six days a week.

Interestingly enough, it sounds like losing weight wasn’t great for his career. He said he put on weight for a few reasons, including the fact that he couldn’t get a job. His co-host noted (via E!) that they were all used to him at his My Name Is Earl weight.

He doesn’t seem to want to get under a certain weight — and he previously said he felt too thin at 220 — and now he’s getting fit by increasing muscle mass and using food as “functional fuel.” Listen to his first podcast, posted January 8, for more on his journey to this point and plans for what’s ahead.

For now, fans are just reeling from the news that Ethan Suplee has completely transformed his body and life:

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