Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fills In Those Final Roster Spots And A Lot More

Nintendo’s final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct went live this morning, introducing viewers to a trio of new fighters and outlining additional details about the game’s single-player content, DLC plans and more.

There’s quite a bit to digest here so, if you don’t have 40 minutes to watch the full presentation yourself, get ready for a shotgun blast of details pulled from the latest Nintendo Direct. First up, three new fighters were revealed, which Director Masahiro Sakurai said will round off the game’s launch roster. The Pokemon series has yet another representative known as Incineroar, an evolved fire/dark type from the Sun/Moon games. He’s basically a feline professional wrestler, so that’s a solid enough fit for Smash’s brawltastic gameplay. Street Fighter‘s Ken makes the cut as an echo fighter of Ryu, with a Piranha Plant fighter set to be added at a later date for anyone who pre-orders the game.

While that list will complete the initial line-up (and thus proves the recent leaked roster to be a work of fiction), it was also revealed during the Direct that Smash Bros. will make five new fighters available as DLC, or as part of a Fighter’s Pass. No word yet on who those characters will be, but they’ll each come with a new stage and music for $5.99. Or, as part of the pass, you can snag them for $24.99 together. The five new fighters will be released clear into February of 2020 and picking up the Fighter’s Pass will award players with additional bonuses, such as a Rex costume from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for your Mii fighter.

Also revealed during the direct is a new campaign mode called World of Light, which features none other than Kirby working to save the rest of the beloved fighters from the clutches of evil. This mode will also play into Spirits Mode, which is kinda-sorta like Pokemon. If you defeat a spirit in a special battle, you’ll be able to add them to your collection. Once you equip a main spirit and some support spirits, they’ll affect your stats or even the game world. These spirits are represented by dozens of additional characters pulled from throughout Nintendo’s history, making this mode a huge love letter to fans. It also sounds like it will be a huge time sink for dedicated players, which is perfect for folks who are looking for more ways to play Smash than battling their friends.

Also revealed during the Nintendo Direct is that every single fighter in the game will have a new Amiibo, which will roll out in waves over the coming year. Oh, and, of course, there’s going to be an app. Smash World will be available through the Nintendo Switch Online app and, while some of its functionality has not been revealed yet, we know it will allow players to upload and share their favorite fight videos.

Ready to play now? Tough! You’ve got to wait another month, as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch on Dec. 7 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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