‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke Is A Cowgirl Angel In New Video ‘By Myself’

Maya Hawke‘s happy-go-lucky new single, “By Myself,” provides you with enough imagery to build her one-of-a-kind universe of missing love. The new tune, coming from the actress who plays Robin Buckley in Stranger Things, is a soothing listen about breaking hives and talking in rings, phrases that don’t make sense until you look at the grander picture. There’s a problem in her fantasy love land and there’s nowhere for her to turn to but the mirror, that way she can gauge what’s really going on.

The accompanying video is a spectacular one that hints at the idea that Hawke’s no longer on Earth. Set across a sea of stars, Hawke puts on angelic, western, and royal outfits while singing her love-lost tune. Her slow-moving performance here is breath-taking and adds to the majestic nature of the song itself. It’s just as heavy as the lyrics.

Along with the new single, Hawke announced that she’s releasing her debut album, Blushon June 19. It’s set to feature “By Myself” and the two songs that she released last year, “Stay Open” and “To Love a Boy.” “From my point of view, Blush is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life,” she revealed in a statement to Pitchfork

You’ll probably see more of Hawke when Stranger Things comes back for its inevitable fourth season. In one of the first teaser trailers for the next season, the fate of fan-favorite character Jim Hopper, who (spoiler alert) was thought to be dead at the end of the third season, has been revealed. Turns out, he’s alive and well.

Enough about Stranger Things. It’s Hawke’s moment now. Check out “By Myself” up above and get ready for Blush when it drops in June.

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