Stephen Amell Has Us Thinking He’ll Play A Different Hero In The Arrow-verse Crossover

This year’s big crossover between the various Arrow-verse shows (save for Legends of Tomorrow) is shaping up to be the most promising one yet for the future of The CW’s DC franchises. It will finally open the metaphorical doors to Gotham City and Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and Lois Lane, and it might just be giving Arrow star Stephen Amell something new to do… possibly as a different costumed hero. Here’s how Amell kicked off the latest round of super-speculation.

Now, let’s not put on the entire tinfoil suit after donning the cap. Stephen Amell obviously isn’t saying that he’s going to, for example, be wearing one of Barry’s Flash suits, or Ray’s Atom suit. And the term “outfit” is a very particular word to use here, possibly as a way to deflect fans from guessing. (This is also a much different tease from his “not wearing any outfits at all” image he recently shared.) He did share another recent shot where he was being prepped for some kind of prosthetic for the face and chest area, so maybe that has something to do with it.

It didn’t stop fans from guessing, and it was Stephen Amell’s next response that is the more convincing point for anyone who wants to believe that Oliver will take on a different identity in some way. Here’s what he posted a few hours later:

Which means that he was going through and reading the responses to see what people were saying, which means he knew right away that people would be guessing. And the comments are full of fans hoping for him to be Batman or for him to hit upon another comic-specific look from the Green Arrow books, among other hopes. So if Stephen Amell was expecting these kinds of reactions to his post, that has to mean he’s be temporarily portraying a very noteworthy character, right?

Of course, this IS the social media-savvy Stephen Amell, who knows exactly which buttons to press in order to get his fanbase active. As such, this post could realistically be a trolling exercise to incite reactions, with Amell not actually playing any other well-known DC comics or villains. His new “outfit” might just be wearing a mail carrier’s uniform, or one for a college basketball team, or some other clothing that has nothing to do with Oliver or Green Arrow’s personas. Such is the power of Amell’s random Twitter posts.

What do you guys think? Will we see Oliver pimping out someone else’s duds, or is Stephen Amell over-exaggerating for emphasis? We might not find out for a while, since the crossover eps aren’t happening until December. But you can catch Arrow Season 7 debuting on The CW on Monday, October 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. And way more shows are coming down the line, too, which can all be found in our fall TV premiere schedule.

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