Stephen Amell Debunks Rumor Of A Supernatural Star Playing Batman In The Arrow-Verse

Stephen Amell has been busy. He’s known for keeping fans regularly updated with Arrow-related content on his social media, but all the while, he’s also hard at work on the series. Despite having all of that going on, he has also had time to debunk a casting rumor regarding a potential Batman casting in the Arrow-verse and a Supernatural star. Check out Amell’s humorously-tinged tweet below:

There you have it. Jensen Ackles will not be playing Batman in the Arrow-verse. Stephen Amell shot down the rumor with the swift accuracy of one of Oliver Queen’s arrows. The rumor, apparently, emanated from Ackles’ set visit, which had fans making the wild guess that he would appear as everyone’s favorite Dark Knight at some point.

Jensen Ackles stars on The CW’s long-running drama Supernatural. The show is currently in the midst of its fourteenth season, and Ackles is an original cast member and the series’ co-lead, starring in the drama for 13 years. So, his playing Batman would have been an intriguing change of pace. Albeit, he is getting that needed change in Season 14 of his own show.

The idea of a CW actor being cast as the iconic character is not so far-fetched. That said, the idea of Jensen Ackles playing Batman is so good, it is easy to be disappointed that it is not true. Ackles could handle the debonair persona of Bruce Wayne and the brooding intensity of Batman. Equally conveying both is, obviously, a prime factor in playing the role well.

While Stephen Amell quashed the rumor, it does not mean it will never happen, necessarily. If the rumor was well-received enough to garner fan support, maybe something could eventually lead to this rumor actually becoming a reality. Not to start false hope, but you just never know, since social media is such a powerful platform for fans.

Stephen Amell broke the non-existent casting news on his Twitter account. The same premiere destination he has shared behind-the-scenes glimpses from the upcoming Arrow-verse crossover. Amell’s treasure trove for fans has included Superman rocking a new suit, Oliver Queen and Barry Allen wearing matching leather outfits, as well as the pièce de résistance: Oliver as The Flash and Barry as The Arrow.

To say the Arrow-verse crossover will be jam-packed would be an understatement. Unfortunately for fans of the idea, it will not include Jensen Ackles as Batman. While speculation is fun, the facts are necessary. However, you can take solace, because although Ackles will not be playing Batman, the Arrow-verse will be welcoming Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. So, there is still lots to look forward that is Bat-related.

Arrow is inching ever closer to its ginormous crossover event, entitled “Elseworlds.” You can continue following how the characters work together there. New episodes of Arrow air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The Arrow-verse crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl begins December 9 and concludes December 11 on The CW. The shows are among many superhero series returning to The CW, this fall.

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