Star Wars’ Next Live-Action Series Will Be A Rogue One Prequel

Star Wars has brought the action from that galaxy far, far away to the small screen more and more in recent years, and we’ve known for a bit that a new live-action series set after the events of the original trilogy is in the works with Jon Favreau. Now, more exciting Star Wars TV news has broken. A second live-action series is happening, and this one will be a Rogue One prequel with a movie star reprising his role.

Yes, Diego Luna will be back as Cassian Andor in the new Star Wars series. Its nature as a prequel means that we’ll see Cassian in his days before his fateful final mission to Scarif. It will be a spy thriller and go into production next year.

Viewers can expect the show to tackle stories of daring missions and espionage that were only hinted at during Rogue One. The movie had enough time to establish Cassian as a spy for the Rebellion who’d had to cross a lot of lines for the greater good, but it wasn’t long enough to really delve into what made him the way he was. In the show, Cassian will attempt to restore hope to the galaxy as the Empire grows stronger than ever.

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