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Star Trek: 6 Original Series Episodes That Should Be Adapted For Chris Pine’s Next Movie

The Naked Time

A particularly fun storyline the Star Trek film franchise could reboot for the big screen is the fourth Original Series episode ever, “The Naked Time,” which had the Enterprise crew being infected with a virus that lowers the crew’s inhibitions, thus creating madness on the ship. Sulu famously went shirtless and behaved like a swordsman in The Three Musketeers, but other notable happenings within the episode include when Spock becomes infected and his human side runs rampant. “The Naked Time” is a simple idea for an episodic format, but if Star Trek adapted this while the crew is also facing some other problem, it could be a really interesting way for the movie experiment with these characters and to explore the episode’s theme of who we can become without hindrance of logic.

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