Sparkly Barrettes, Leopard Pants, and Other Fall 2018 Non-Essentials I *Absolutely* Need

Seasonal fashion guides tend to focus on “essentials,” pieces that have longevity, are trend-agnostic, and are considered to be worth spending money on because of the wear you’ll get out of them. For fall, that means the black ankle boots, the camel coat, the thick-knit sweater… All really useful parts of any wardrobe, but not particularly fun to shop for. As satisfying as it is to take those purchases out of the bag/box/envelope they came in and wear them out for the first time, there’s a unique thrill to those non-essentials you see all over Instagram, street style, or on that one very well-dressed neighbor of yours—oversized jelly hoops, a slick coated trench, rhinestone barrettes. Could you get through the season without them? Yes, absolutely. But can you also convince yourself that fall dressing will feel that much more fun if you throw leopard-print trousers into the mix? Also yes.

Ahead, check out 20 of these fall non-essentials I nonetheless want in my life for the cold months.

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