Snoh Aalegra Brings Out The Feels (Again) In Tiny Desk Debut

The first thing you’ll feel is your temples warmly move in circles like someone’s swirling their fingers in a beach’s sand on a sunny day. What comes next is rushing dopamine, sprinting to fill each corner of your skull before its ghost trickles down your neck, raising the thin hairs until they’re erect. These two things are constants when listening to Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra‘s music. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the scene, or a returning fan of hers; you’ll be in a trance after checking out her spellbinding debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk.

With five songs, Aalegra whispered a chill into the air, one that turned the surrounding area into a frigid icebox. Warm and heartfelt soul instrumentals heated things up just a tad. She kicked things off with “Love Like That” and its mellow embrace of looming heartbreak. A song later, she delved into the deliciously slow, funked-out vibe of “Whoa.” All that was missing was Pharrell Williams‘s remix verse. She ended things on an uplifting note that was akin to a rainbow manifesting in the sky after a day of showers. It’ll take a second after it cuts off to snap back to reality after this mind-numbing detour. Don’t get out of the chair too fast.

If you’re interested in hearing more of Aalegra, you can check her out live when she goes out tour in March. Or, alternatively, you can check out her sophomore LP, Ugh, Those Feels Again, that dropped last year.

Check out Aalegra’s out-of-this-world Tiny Desk debut up above.

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