Shows Like ‘Love Is Blind’ on Netflix — What to Watch After ‘Love Is Blind’

Ex on the Beach (2018—)

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Want to know if you should get back with your ex? Bring them to a beautiful island without any of your real-world baggage holding you back. Honestly, this sounds like a terrible plan, but that’s none of my business. Watch on MTV.

If you wish Big Brother was all about the showmances…

Are You the One? (2014—)

After a series of interviews and tests, about 20 men and women are matched using the series’ fancy algorithm. Unfortunately for some of them, the singles are not told who their ideal partner actually is. Instead, they have to get to know everyone and take weekly tests to see if they can figure out their perfect match. If everyone finds their “one” by the end of the series, they win love and money. This might be the closest one to Love is Blind. Watch on MTV.

If you like the “blind” aspect the most and/or you’re sick of love…

The Voice (2011—)

At least at first, all the very famous judges of The Voice know about the competing singers is their actual voice. During the blind auditions, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and newly-minted judge Nick Jonas are seated in chairs facing away from the stage. The singers have to perform their asses off to impress the judges who have the option to turn around and bring the performer onto their team. If more than one chair turns, the tables do too—the performer then gets to choose which judge is right for them. From there, it basically turns into every other vocal show, but if you love the judges as much as I do, The Voice is the best one on TV right now. Watch on Hulu.

If you’re like, “Ugh, I only have Netflix!” Excuse me for giving you a variety of options…

The Circle (2020—)

The Circle is often described as “Big Brother meets Catfish,” and it delivers on that promise. Like Love Is Blind, the contestants never meet face-to-face, each living in their own apartment. Instead of communicating through walls, they create profiles on a social media app designed specifically for the reality show. (This means they can portray themselves however they wish.) To take home the $100,000 grand prize, the contestants rate one another each episode, eliminating the lowest-ranking players one by one. Whoever makes it to the end gets the money. No love to be found here, necessarily, but it is just as fun to watch as LIB. Watch on Netflix.

Back with the Ex (2018)

Whoever created Back with the Ex must be looking at all of our Instagram stalking habits. Back with the Ex follows four people trying to reignite an old flame. From high school sweethearts who were driven apart by a cheating scandal to a six-year relationship that ended via text message, this show may pull on your heartstrings more than any other on this list. Feels too real, you know? Watch on Netflix.

Dating Around (2019)

Dating Around follows one person each episode as they embark on five (mostly awkward) first dates. Once the dates are over, they pick the one they’d like to go out with again. Like the best of Netflix documentary series, Dating Around is a much more honest look at life in the dating world as opposed to a gimmicky game. Watch on Netflix.

Emily Tannenbaum is a writer based in New York.

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