Shameless Star Shares Fun Set Pics As Season 9 Wraps

Shameless recently aired its midseason finale for the ninth season. Season 9 already saw the departure of one cast member and will feature another big exit before the final credits of the season roll. Filming for Season 9 recently concluded, and cast member Emma Kenney took to social media to share some fun behind-the-scenes look at the set of the show. Check them out!

Emma Kenney looks happy enough in this first photo, which is apparently a shot of the very last take of the ninth season. It doesn’t give away any big hints fans can use to speculate about what’s to come in the second half of Season 9 in 2019, but it’s still a fun pic to see. After all, not all actors are generous enough to share behind-the-scenes pics, and fans can probably enjoy them all the more now that the show is on midseason hiatus.

That wasn’t Emma Kenney’s only post about the last take of Season 9:

Young Christian Isaiah plays Liam on Shameless nowadays after a recasting, and he looks just about ready to take a break from filming. So was Emma Kenney, going by her comment in response to a fan on Twitter! If she was tweeting in real time, it’s not difficult to understand why the young actor looked tired. Her original post of the photo went up at 2:23 a.m.!

The Shameless cast is undoubtedly used to late nights. Take a look at another post that points toward long hours on set:

If anybody is entitled to look worn out on the job, I’d say an actor on their seventeenth hour in front of a camera is one of them! Kudos to Emma Kenney for her willingness to poke a little fun at herself for looking a little tired. Honestly, she probably looks better than a lot of us would after 17 hours awake and at work!

She was only 12 hours into work on this particular Friday night, but at least she wasn’t alone in working late hours! Plenty of people were on set for this particular filming sequence, whatever it was.

It seems Emma Kenney took a quiet moment on set for a pic with the child who plays Debbie’s daughter, Franny. Only part on the little girl’s face is visible, but it’s a cute picture nonetheless. Or should I say a cool picture? She is a cool mom, after all.

Here’s a better look at TV mom and daughter!

Unfortunately, we’re not going to see too much of Debbie or any of the other Gallaghers until early 2019, when the show returns for the second half of Season 9. Emma Kenney can be found sooner, however, thanks to her role on The Conners on ABC. For more viewing options while we wait for more Shameless, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule!

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