Selma Blair Has Revealed A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

On social media over the weekend, Selma Blair made a heartbreaking personal announcement: she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The actress discovered the news in August, as she admits in the post, although Blair believes the symptoms have been around for a few years, at least. While it has been a difficult time for the film and television actress, Blair is thankful for the support she receives from her family, friends, and co-workers on Another Life, Netflix‘s forthcoming sci-fi drama, which is currently filming. Here’s what Blair wrote:

As Selma Blair confesses in the open and honest Instagram post, she is in “the thick of it” when it comes the debilitating disease. Still, the actress offered this personal news to hopefully inspire others who may also be struggling with this difficult journey, either themselves or through a loved one’s illness.

Selma Blair says it can be “overwhelming,” but she is thankful for all the people who help her, both personally and professionally, as she pushes forward every single day. She continued:

Selma Blair recently learned about this MS diagnosis in the late summer, but the actress believes she has potentially had this disease for “15 years at least.” Tragically, multiple sclerosis is incurable, and she has met with many challenges as she persists forward, with more to come.

But Selma Blair is thankful to both have the knowledge and the ability to share it.

There’s no doubt that Selma Blair‘s heartwrenching revelation is a difficult one to learn, but we are thankful to know that the actress is continuing to move forward as best she can. She has a wide wealth of support from a variety of different people keeping her focused on the bright side.

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