Selena Gomez’s Second ‘Lose You To Love Me’ Video Is Heavy On Emotion — And Piano

    Selena Gomez has shared a second video for “Lose You To Love Me,” the intensely diaristic lead single from her recently released third studio album, RareIt was shot on an iPhone and isn’t too different from the original video. But who’d frown at fresh Gomez content? It offers a new perspective of heartbreak and discovery, one that matches the burning fire of the song that can never be extinguished.

    In her original black-and-white video for “Lose You To Love Me,” Gomez sits at a chair and teeters between being destroyed internally and also being okay. She sings her stirring number to the camera through woozy effects that off-center your equilibrium, making you feel as anxious for normalcy as she appears to be.

    For the alternate version of it, Gomez uses her fingers to sing her heartbreak at a piano. Still black-and-white, the simple visual, shot on an iPhone, is a touch more emotional. After staring at the keyboard for most of the performance, she turns to the camera and belts the number with the force of a hurricane wind. It’s a fitting closing segment that shows her stronger than ever before.

    Gomez released Rare on January 10. That same day, she also released the video for the title track which finds her growing and becoming stronger with a magical forest.  “I actually recorded the song early on in the process,” she recently revealed to MTV News. “And when different things happened in my life and I’d take a break from writing and recording, I still knew that song would be the title of the album. It’s a powerful word.”

    Check out Gomez’s alternate “Lose You To Love Me” video up above.

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