Selena Gomez Loses Top Instagram Slot While Taking Hiatus From Social Media

Selena Gomez is reportedly having a tough time right now. The last time we checked in on the pop musician, she was checking herself into the hospital for a reported emotional breakdown, and she has kept a low profile in the days since that episode, allegedly focused on her health and mental well-being. In keeping with that low profile, Selena Gomez has also opted to take a step back from social media. That has affected Gomez’s high standing on one social media platform. As it is being reported today, Selena Gomez no longer holds the top spot on Instagram.

Per a report by by Billboard, Selena Gomez no longer has the most people following her on Instagram. That position has since been taken by athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. The switch happened yesterday, when the Portuguese soccer player found himself with 144,320,476 followers. In contrast, Gomez has 144,312,745. It’s obviously close, but the sports player currently has the pop musician beat when it comes to avid followers on Instagram.

Selena Gomez held the highest number of Instagram followers for over two years, before the upset from Cristiano Ronaldo occurred earlier this week. With Gomez currently not on Instagram as the singer focuses on her own health and concerns, she hasn’t responded to the change in followers.

I don’t expect the musician to make any statements about the Instagram update whatsoever, as Selena Gomez has other matters to focus on at the moment. As it was reported earlier, Gomez is currently checked into a mental health treatment facility as she hopes to focus on her depression and anxiety now.

While it must be a blow to lose quite a few followers on social media, there are obviously more concerning, pressing matters for Selena Gomez to focus on at the moment, and we hope she is recovering well as she spends this time concentrated on her mental health. Fans hope to hear more about her recovery process in the weeks to come, but they’ll hopefully get an update from the musician in the weeks to come– whenever she’s ready to talk.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest celebrity news update and developments right here at CinemaBlend.

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