Selena Gomez Hospitalized After Emotional Breakdown

Throughout these last few weeks, Selena Gomez has found herself in the hospital for reasons related to both her physical health and mental health. According to recent reports, Selena has visited the hospital twice in the past month due to her low blood count, which is considered to be a symptom of her kidney surgery. According to those close to the singer-songwriter, however, the second hospital stay was more serious than the first, as the “Wolves” singer was reportedly under a severe panic attack, which was believed to be “the tipping point” after an intense couple of weeks for Gomez.

Now, Selena Gomez is reportedly in the midst of finding treatment after this breakdown. As it was reported exclusively by People, the high-profile 26-year-old musician is seeking “additional help” due to her “ongoing emotional issues.” She thankfully has support during her time of need, and she is currently surrounded by her family and dear loved ones as she’s pursuing the assistance she needs in the East Coast.

This ongoing treatment is helping, according to the source who spoke on her behalf. Selena is considered to be in a “better” place now than she was during her panic attack.

To be more specific, Selena Gomez is opting to seek dialectical behavior therapy. This type of mental treatment allows the patient to try to identify their negative thinking, as well as their unhealthy patterns in behavior, and then hopefully change throughout the process. Beyond this treatment, Selena Gomez is also separating herself from social media. Or, at least, she’s taking a break from these feeds.

It’s unclear how long Selena Gomez is planning on staying away from social media. Here’s what the artist and actress said when she announced that she was taking a break from her accounts, opting to focus more on herself.

While it can be difficult to seek treatment for mental health-related issues, we’re thankful that Selena Gomez is looking out for herself and pursuing the help she needs during this difficult period in her life. We hope that this time away from the media spotlight focus inward is beneficial and substantial to her ongoing recovery, as it’s clear she’s taking the appropriate and responsible steps towards seeking help for the problems that currently plague her.

Here’s hoping everything continues to improve from here. Meanwhile, when it comes to the latest updates on Selena Gomez, as well as the newest celebrity news breaks and the freshest movie and television reporting and a whole lot more, you can be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend.

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