Scott Disick Reacts to Coronavirus With Limited Edition Merchandise

Scott Disick, of Kardashian fame, launched a line of tees and hoodies over the weekend with a phrase we’ve recently turned into a mantra: Please wash your hands. We can’t tell if this is a moment of genius or an early April Fools’ joke, but only Lord Disick and the Kardashian-Jenners can turn a global health crisis into a brand moment and opportunity to sell merch.

Obviously, the entire family took to Insta to spread the news.

Lord Disick practicing what he preaches.

The collection dropped over the weekend as a way to spread the word you need to take handwashing extra seriously if you haven’t already. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking (“wow, they move fast”), the merch may too. It’s a limited edition line from the 36-year-old dad’s brand, Talentless. Founded in 2018, the brand “is an homage to the new wave of creators, innovators, and influencers who’ve made a name for themselves by going against the conventions of what it means to be ‘Talented.’” Cool.

You can shop two styles—a T-shirt ($49) and a sweatshirt ($129) with an objectively nice-looking font—directly from Scott Disick’s brand’s website. The products are available in black and white, and ‘seasonal’ colors like mustard yellow and navy blue.

Talentless Wash Your Hands Hoodie



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Talentless Wash Your Hands Tee



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Real talk: We’re not one to agree with Lord Disick on most matters, but he is leaning into the CDC’s call for people to wash their hands often, so maybe this hoodie is the reminder we didn’t know we needed. Remember folks, clean hands save lives.

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