Sad Love Movies & Shows: 31 Best Tearjerkers on Netflix 2020

Sometimes we’re just in the mood to cry but can’t muster up the emotions. That’s where tearjerkers on Netflix come in.

Hear me out. At times, a problem arises when you want to cry but can’t seem to get there. This stifling state of purgatory is beyond frustrating: All you want to do is release, but your eyes are on the fritz. But moving TV shows and sad love movies on Netflix can help. With their emotionally taxing plots and weepy protagonists, tearjerkers on Netflix have the ability to unlock even the most ironclad tear ducts. From Grey’s Anatomy (a tear-inducing stalwart) and modern classics like The Notebook to newer stories like Pose and Marriage Story, you’ll find something to tug at your heart.

These angsty TV shows and sad love movies on Netflix have a 100 percent success rate. Gallons of tears guaranteed. Stock up on tissues accordingly, my friends.

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