Ryan Reynolds Is Jokingly Telling People Netflix’s 6 Underground Is The Snyder Cut

Last year there was an utterly bizarre rumor that Michael Bay’s newest project, an action film for Netflix titled 6 Underground, was actually a stealth Thundercats movie. That rumor turned out to be about as true as it sounds, but now Ryan Reynolds says the film is actually another project fans have been clamoring for, the long awaited “Snyder Cut.” Don’t worry, he’s kidding.

During a recent panel at CCXP in Brazil, where CinemaBlend was in attendance, Ryan Reynolds pointed out that, in its own way, 6 Underground actually has essentially the same premise as Justice League, and as such, it could be the fabled Zack Snyder version of the film. According to Reynolds…

So basically, in 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds is Batman. It’s not the worst idea I’ve heard.

At a basic level, the descriptions do actually match. both movies are about putting a team of exceptional people together to fight bad guys. It’s just that, in 6 Underground, nobody is in spandex. At least, not as far as I know.

Even in Brazil, one cannot escape the Snyder Cut. It’s been over two years since the release of Justice League and somehow, beyond all reason, the call for Zack Snyder’s “original vision” for Justice League is louder today than it was then. Many of the cast of the movie have come out in support of it and Zack Snyder has continued to drip feed fans with still frames, concept art, and other nuggets from the movie which doesn’t exist, at least not in a completed state.

Whether or not it will ever exist is anybody’s guess at this point. The movement is clearly designed to convince Warner Bros. that there’s an audience for the film, in order to get the studio to cough up the money to complete the production. At the very least, it would seem that post production digital effects work will need to be completed on a lot of the filming Zack Snyder did.

Until then, we have 6 Underground which perhaps will succeed in scratching the itch of wanting to see another team come together under a really rich dude to fight serious bad guys. If nothing else, we can guess it will have lots of Michael Bay explosions in it, and that’s never a bad thing. 6 Underground hits Netflix on Friday. The Snyder Cut of Justice League may arrive someday. Your guess is as good as mine.

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