Red Dead Redemption 2’s Mexico Glitch Possibly Hints At DLC Plans

While you can’t visit Mexico officially in Red Dead Redemption 2, one dedicated virtual cowboy has figured out that you can actually glitch into the landmass, creating speculation that a future visit may be on the itinerary.

If you played the original Red Dead Redemption, then you know that there comes a point about halfway through the ballad of John Marston that lets players journey south of the U.S. border. While much of the map from the original game has been remade for Red Dead Redemption 2, players can’t actually venture to Mexico this time around. Well, at least not without taking advantage of a glitch and having a bit of luck on your side.

According to Comic Book, Reddit user Coyotemation appears to have broken through Red Dead Redemption 2‘s intended borders, heading into an area that includes the entire landmass of Mexico. As the poster notes, the area appears to be straight-up ripped from the original game with a few visual tweaks here and there.

Since Rockstar Games has remained pretty quiet about RDR2‘s post-launch plans, many folks are taking this to mean that future DLC will send players south of the border. Since we know that the game’s online mode will launch later this month, others are speculating that Mexico will somehow play into those plans. The idea is that this older version of Mexico is primarily a placeholder, with the proper map to be bolted on as part of a patch or update.

Others, though — including the original report — have likely hit on the more reasonable explanation. When you look across the river to Mexico in Red Dead 2, you see a pretty impressive landscape. Rather than fake the visuals, it would make sense that Rockstar would instead update a few textures and simply drop in the same asset from the first game. The result would be a totally believable landmass across the water without the need to develop all of that open space in the new game’s engine. For a game already being scrutinized for how much work (specifically crunch) it took to develop, that would at least be a sign that resources were not just being thrown around without any regard.

If you’re looking to take a vacation to Mexico yourself in Red Dead 2, the original post explains how Coyotemation made it happen. In short, he went to a specific area on the map where he followed a creek that eventually narrowed to a divide between the two countries. He apparently took advantage of a stamina glitch for his horse, but other players can simply boost their mount’s stats through tonics and whatnot and hope for the best. As is frequently the case when players glitch into areas they aren’t supposed to reach in a game, Coyotemation basically fought the game’s push-back while guiding his horse up a hill until he was finally dropped into Mexico.

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