Polo G And Lil Tjay Pop Out With Friends And Celebrate Some Wins In ‘First Place’

    Chicago rapper Polo G and New York lyricist Lil Tjay had a huge year in 2019 with the release of their joint single “Pop Out” which went on to become platinum and peak at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Looking to replicate that success for the new year, the two have released a new collaboration, “First Place,” that’s a celebration of winning while looking at the past.

    Where “Pop Out” was mostly about having fun, “First Place,” is more about smiling and realizing everything that they have around them. It’s powered by guitars and a captivating mix of drums that radiate the pair’s warmth. Though they reflect a bit on the harsh road that got them to where they are today, they look forward, ready to take over. “I know God got plans for me now/ Because he put bands on the plate,” raps Lil Tjay, happily. In the accompanying video, there are a lot of expensive clothes, cars, and friends. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward scene so, instead of looking for deeper meanings, you’re meant to bask in the wealth onscreen.

    Lil Tjay’s debut LP, True 2 Self, dropped in October. It featured the “Leaked (Remix)” with Lil Wayne, which recently came with a wild video about a horny circus (yes, that’s a real thing). Polo G released his debut studio album, Die A Legend, last June.

    Check out “First Place” up above.

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