Phoebe Robinson’s 12 Best Quotes at *Glamour*’s Women of the Year Summit

Comedian and author Phoebe Robinson isn’t just one half of 2 Dope Queens—she’s also the emcee of Glamour‘s 2018 Women of the Year Summit. (Oh, and a former Glamour.com contributor, to boot.) On top of hosting the day’s festivities, Robinson spoke on the “No Blueprint, No Problem—the Power of Being an Outlier” panel, moderated by Ashley Graham, alongside Younger‘s Nico Tortorella, Pose‘s Indya Moore, and Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat. And throughout the day, she had a lot of wisdom to share. Her best quotes, below.

1. ” I am your Nordstrom Rack version of Oprah today.”

2. “Women have been kicking ass nonstop this year, from all the black women on magazine covers in the fall. That was very exciting. Nobody wanted to cheer for that? That’s OK. You don’t care? OK! Cute, cute, cute! Emma Stone was on a cover. Do you guys care about that?”

3. “You’re all working women. You’re career women. You’re stunning women.”

4. “I can talk to myself. I’m more than happy to talk to myself. ‘Hey Pheebs, How’s it going? Not too bad. I’m wearing Spanx. Can’t breathe. I’m wearing this dress I can do a split in.’ Women rise, my dough is rising honey.”

5. “I feel like I’ve learned my biggest lessons from other women: supporting each other, stop telling yourself no, don’t count yourself out. Stop saying sorry. That’s been a big one for me. I’m not apologizing anymore. I’m ‘gonna be like a white guy. No apologies from me ever! I’m always right!”

6. “I need you to cheer like Mumford & Sons is about to come out. I need you to cheer like Drew Barrymore’s ‘gonna give you guys all Crocs. I need you to cheer like Michael B. Jordan’s ‘gonna come out and propose to me.”

7. “You guys! As you can see, my arms are working overtime because this bag is very heavy.”

8. “I like your hair. We’ve got Coachella this year. Were you there?”

9. “Can we give it up for this outfit change? I’m serving you Mask of Zorro, honey!”

10. “Cheers for lunch!”

11. “Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale is in the house, so watch your vagines.”

12. “Women who shop together, rise together. I am in Zara every day, they’re like, ‘Girl get out.'”

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