Peter Weber Was ‘Visibly Shaken’ After the Bachelor Live Finale

    “The hits start coming and they don’t stop coming.” — Smash Mouth and Bachelor Peter Weber, probably.

    Let me explain: Tuesday, March 10 marked the emotional finale for the latest season of The Bachelor and it was brutal for Weber, who proposed to a girl he was clearly not in love with just to dump her and end up with someone else who he knows his entire family hates. To say he was put through the wringer on this live finale would be an understatement.

    First, his ex-fiancée, Hannah Ann Sluss, took him to task. Then, his own mother, Barb, who literally said his relationship with Madison Prewett would fail.

    “Chris, [Peter is] going to have to fail to succeed. That’s it,” Barb said to host Chris Harrison on the live finale. “All his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work.” If I were Weber, I would be mortified—and according to Chris Harrison, he absolutely was.

    “He was backstage standing next to Madison, visibly upset, venting to producers, just shaken,” Harrison told Us Weekly on Wednesday, March 11. “His world got kind of shaken on live TV. That’s something I don’t wish on anybody. It was uncomfortable, and he was probably embarrassed—probably angry, and rightfully so.”

    John Fleenor/ABC

    Harrison also spoke at length to Glamour’s West coast editor Jessica Radloff about the incident, which he somewhat blames himself for. “I was sad and a little depressed afterward,” he said. “For that to happen on my watch, I felt a little guilty. I felt a little responsible, and I tried to fix it. I felt bad, like I had a hand in this, and that sucks.”

    In the very candid interview, Chris Harrison confirmed Barb and Peter Weber’s relationship has been “damaged” and questioned if Peter’s mother could have backed off her son and his girlfriend a little bit. “Barb and Peter Sr. flew across the world, but maybe Barb needs to consider who this is about. Maybe it’s not about her. Maybe this is about her son and not about her Instagram followers or her DMs. I think that may have gotten lost a little bit,” he said.

    Make sure to read the full post-mortem interview here.

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