People Think Meghan Markle Is Pregnant Because She Wore a Coat to Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Meghan Markle can’t leave the house (or palace, I should say) without someone thinking she’s pregnant. Just a few weeks ago, she wore her hair straight for the first time, and half the world took that as an undeniable sign she’s with child.

The speculation is ridiculous and invasive, and it keeps getting worse. The Duchess of Sussex attended Princess Eugenie‘s royal wedding on Friday, October 12 wearing a navy coat. Naturally, many people think this somehow means she’s covering up a baby bump. Here are just a few folks on Twitter convinced Markle is “hiding something” because of this one article of clothing:

I’m confused: When did coats become a sign that someone is with child? When did straight hair, for that matter? I, for one, wore three jackets this week and am miraculously not pregnant. In fact, several of the guests at Princess Eugenie’s wedding added coats to their outfits and are also not expecting. Shocking, I know. It’s almost as if saying the words, “I’m pregnant” is the only way to determine if someone’s actually pregnant.

Below, have a look at all the wedding-goers with chic coats but zero buns in the oven.

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