Parasite And 11 Other Foreign Language Films That Were Nominated For An Academy Award For Best Picture

Babel (2006)

Directed by four-time Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu, Babel is a somber, sprawling multi-narrative ensemble piece, and one that completes the filmmaker’s “death trilogy,” following 2000’s excellent Oscar-nominated Amores Perros and the English-language 2003 movie, 21 Grams. The film, which features Arabic, Spanish, Japanese and more, portrays four interrelated storylines, told in non-linear fashion, which portray a series of tragic or life-altering events happening Morocco, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. Babel was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Editing, Best Original Screenplay, two Best Supporting Actress nominations, Best Original Score (for which it won), Best Director and Best Picture. Ultimately, much like Letters From Iwo Jima, which was another foreign-language movie nominated in the same field in 2007, Babel lost Best Picture to The Departed.

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