Overwatch May Be Getting Its Own Breakfast Cereal

There may be an Overwatch cereal set to land on a grocery store shelf near you. No, this is not a joke. The team-based shooter may end up getting a breakfast cereal based on the characters that appear in the first-person action game, if certain images and a loot box promotion are to be believed.

There could be a cereal called Lucio Oh’s in the works, which will feature the rollerblading Brazilian. The DJ could be making the leap from being one of the most played supports in Overwatch to helping support kids with a healthy breakfast before they trot off to learn about all the wonderful things school has to teach them.

The reports indicate that the new cereal will supposedly launch on December 3rd to coincide with a loot box event that Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting.

According to The Junk Food Aisle, when you purchase a box of Overwatch’s Lucio-Oh’s between December 3rd, 2018 and December 31st, 2019 you’ll need to take a picture of your receipt and then head to the Kellogg’s website, register an account and log in, and then submit each receipt within 30 days of purchase. You’ll have up until January 30th, 2020 to submit receipts.

So, what do you get for going through the trouble of collecting all those receipts? Well, there’s a “Loot Boost” campaign that will take place, which gives Overwatch players an opportunity to open up an additional loot box the next three times you level up within the game. The loot box will appear within 72 hours of when your receipt was submitted, and you must have a legitimate and active Overwatch account through Blizzard’s service to participate. Additionally, you will have up until March 31st, 2020 to retrieve the loot boxes.

If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands things may not go over so well for you, given that premium loot boxes are banned in Belgium, and Blizzard — along with Valve and 2K Games — were forced to remove the loot boxes from Overwatch. Other games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the NBA 2K titles were also affected, and FIFA was supposed to have its premium loot boxes removed, but Electronic Arts decided to reject the gambling commission’s standards and defy Belgium law.

I do wonder if Blizzard and Kellogg will even bother to release the cereal in the regions where loot boxes are banned, given that it seems like a large part of the incentive for purchasing the cereal is to partake in the Loot Boost program.

The cereal itself seems to be the standard Fruit Loops-style cereal with fruity O’s featuring artificial flavor. In this particular case, the Lucio Oh’s are going to be themed around “sonic vanilla.”

If the rumors are true and the box is anything to go by, you could be seeing this cereal appear on a grocery store shelf near you by the end of this year, starting December 3rd.

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