Outlander Season 4 Has Screened, Here’s What People Think

The “droughtlander” is about to be over, but for some fans it has already ended. The popular Starz series screened the first episode of its fourth season at New York Comic Con, and Outlander fans quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions about the season premiere. Suffice it to say they had strong ones, and, thankfully, for fans not fortunate enough to have seen the premiere yet, they shared their thoughts on the social media site. Here is how one fan reacted to the episode:

Throughout Twitter, reactions seemed to go from the positive to the utterly enthusiastic. Many cleverly used GIFs to drive the point home that the beginning of Season 4 handily met expectations, which was a mostly wordless way to convey an absolutely passionate response to the much-buzzed-about season opener. Check out this one:

Utilizing standing ovations from awards shows to visualize being blown away by something truly never gets old when it comes to expressing yourself online. Other thoughts shared by tweeters offered a slightly ominous take on Outlander‘s Season 4 debut with one hinting at rough moments ahead in Episode 1:

One Twitter user praised the way the Season 4 premiere got the show started while teasing quite the ending for the episode. Read their take below:

“Chills” is a rather gripping way to summate a viewing experience. Fans not lucky enough to have glimpsed the Season 4 premiere at New York Comic Con are closing in on a less than one month wait for the season to premiere on Starz. Outlander has not been shy about teasing its upcoming season for fans, and the series also gave them a look, and therefore a listen, to a revamped rendition of its opening title and theme song.

The upcoming installment of the costume drama is set to shake things up a bit with Claire undergoing a major change in Season 4. There is also the issue of Frank, who utters the final line in the Season 4 trailer, with a huge meeting also set to take place. So, there is a lot for Outlander fans to look forward to as their anticipation for the premiere is about to pay off.

The reactions from the season opener which were shared on social media seem to hint at what should be a fan-pleasing beginning to the latest chapter in the drama. Already renewed for a fifth and sixth season, Starz is going all in on the popular series. The fourth season will adapt Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book in the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn, so the beat is about to go on.

The fourth season of Outlander premieres Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz. While you await the return of the time-traveling romantic drama, there are a lot of other fall premieres ready to keep you entertained.

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