One Mission: Impossible Fallout Scene Christopher McQuarrie Liked But Had To Cut

When a movie is coming together, often it takes numerous edits before it gets to its final iteration. Though Mission: Impossible — Fallout was ultimately a movie that ran well over two hours in length, originally it was even longer, at 2:43 in length. Director Christopher McQuarrie even had to cut a scene he particularly liked in order to make the movie zippier. He revealed in a recent interview there was a whole musical sequence that almost made the movie. Per McQuarrie:

Even hearing the director reminisce about the setup of the scene makes me a little wistful we didn’t get to see it in the final version. It sounds like Vanessa Kirby really worked to get her vocals just right and the production even paid for a darn orchestra to set the scene. Yet, the whole thing ended up being a little too much and Christopher McQuarrie tightened up the scene.

Christopher McQuarrie went on to tell Collider in the interview that he and editor Eddie Hamilton just immediately knew the scene was not necessary in the least. The two men knew it after the 2:43 draft of the movie was put together. They knew it before it screened in front of an audience. There was a good reason they knew it. According to McQuarrie,

One musical number does not a movie make, but apparently one villain does. Chris McQuarrie would go on to tell Eddie Hamilton to pull the full singing sequence, although he did mention curious viewers may be able to spot exactly where the sequence would have gone. He also said that even though he liked the scene, cutting it didn’t bother him. The musical number was a bit out of place and “it didn’t serve the scene.” Therefore, it didn’t make the movie.

If the man behind Mission: Impossible — Fallout liked the scene so much, one might hope that fans could see the final version on the movie’s Blu-ray release. However, Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that fans will only get a deleted reel of the shots he had some trouble removing from the flick, noting he’s not a fan of actual deleted scenes on a home entertainment set, noting,

Mission: Impossible -Fallout won’t actually be hitting Blu-ray and DVD until the end of the year. If you are excited about revisiting the movie, you can pre-order it now or catch it starting on December 4.

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