No Man’s Sky’s New Update Takes You Out Of The Sky

The latest update for No Man’s Sky has arrived for home consoles and PC. The focus, however, is on an area of the game rarely ever talked about and much less discussed within the wider gaming community, since it takes you from out of the sky and sends you barreling into the deep below.

Over on the PlayStation Blog there’s a post from Hello Games founder Sean Murray, detailing that the new big update is called The Abyss (but it has no actual relation to the James Cameron movie of the same name), and it’s part of the continued update roadmap for the NEXT iteration of No Man’s Sky.

Just like the name infers, The Abyss takes players from out of the sky and into the deep, dark, underwater caverns of the sea. According to Murray, this update will focus mostly on journeying past the liquid surface of the oceans canvassing the large array of planets you can visit in the game.

The aquatic update allows players to build underwater habitats and structures. The game also includes five times as many variations in the makeup of the underwater biomes compared to the previous iterations of No Man’s Sky. There’s even a video that demonstrates how these habitats look and what you can expect from them, design wise.

Some of you might notice that, visually, these structures look a lot like the habitats that you can build in the game Subnautica, which is like a strictly underwater version of No Man’s Sky. Also, the big difference between the two is that there’s far less focus on combat in Unknown WorldsSubnautica compared to No Man’s Sky.

New locations and quests can be uncovered by visiting places of interest, such as sunken wrecks scattered about the sea floor. The team added mysterious treasures and hidden secrets throughout, allowing players to terraform the sea-soaked terrain to uncover some of these rare treasures. Additionally, the team has added new vehicles, and they are implemented into the procedural wrecks, so that it’s possible to find a wreck, repair it and fly it into space, which is kind of cool. It reminds me a little bit of Star Citizen and its quest-based derelicts.

Speaking of vehicles… the new submarine Exocraft called the Nautilon has been added to the bunch. The submarine will allow you to navigate the aquatic mazes of the deep blue sea, as well as fight off some of the fearsome monsters down there. You can also dock it at the habitats or customize it with unique submersible technology.

So, now players will be able to create underwater bases to match their terrestrial bases or to match their outer-space bases. All bases are covered.

The Abyss is going to be a free update for the game, so you won’t have to pay a dime to get in on the action. This will radically improve the kind of user experience you can expect from No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, PS4 or PC. You can look for Hello Games to launch the update later this week.

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