New Todd Phillips Photo Proves Even The Joker Needs A Smoke Break

Joaquin Phoenix is currently filming the new Joker movie, but luckily the experience hasn’t been too rough on him. A new behind-the-scenes image of Phoenix taken by director Todd Philips shows how the actor is spending his few minutes between takes. Specifically, with his legs kicked up on a table and a cigarette in his mouth. Check it out.

The new Joker movie has been surprisingly open regarding giving fans a look at the new movie, including early looks at Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker persona. While this image doesn’t exactly give us a clear look at the actor or his costume, it’s yet another tease. We see Phoenix dressed in a bright red suit with clown makeup on, though we don’t get a great look at the entire face. The only other thing we really see is that the actor has an awful habit he needs to kick. Unless Phoenix is still in character here and the Joker is the one who will be smoking in the new movie.

As far as it goes, it’s a great image. One can certainly imagine that a shot like this actually could be part of the finished film, not simply a moment in between takes.

As much as we’ve seen from the set of the movie, it’s not like any of it has actually revealed any information. We still don’t really know what the plot of the movie really is. While announcements have been made that reveal the film will contain some not unexpected characters from the early days of the Batman universe, like the father of Bruce Wayne, as well as Bruce Wayne himself and butler Alfred, exactly how these characters will fit together isn’t exactly clear.

What makes this Joker movie so interesting is that, while the film is yet another outing for the Clown Prince of Crime, it’s one unrelated to the previous outings of the character. As far as we know Jared Leto is still the official Joker within the DC film universe. This movie will be a standalone venture that will tell an origin story for the Joker, not necessarily the origin story for the Joker.

It’s interesting because it seems, with the movie filming on location, that the production is trying to make the movie feel as real as possible, rather than focusing on the more comic book elements of the story. It seems that, at least at one point, the Joker movie was eyed as a film that could be both a comic book film financial success and a legitimate awards contender. It’s far too early to tell how much of a possibility that actually is, but it’s certainly a lofty goal.

The new Joker movie is set for release in October of 2019.

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