New Incredibles 2 Video Shows How Hard It Was To Create Bob Odenkirk’s Character

When audiences gaze upon the final product of a Pixar film, it’s the stunning result of years of development. Incredibles 2 was no exception, since it had officially been in the works since early 2014 before it hit theaters this summer. For the superpowered sequel, the folks at Pixar collaborated on countless details, such as finding the perfect nose to fit the personality of Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk‘s character, Winston Deavor. In a new behind the scenes video, the character designers reflect on the challenging process of creating his character. Take a look:

As shown in this clip from Disney Movies, Pixar’s creative process is nothing short of incredible. The video points out the struggle to design Winston as somewhere in the middle between villainous and harmless. When the character was first shown ahead of Incredibles 2 release, it was speculated that Bob Odenkirk’s character could be the potential main foe for the family of supers. Winston is introduced as a businessman who approaches Elastigirl with a plan to put superheroes back on society’s good side.

The plotline is a bit reminiscent of the original film, since Mr. Incredible is recruited by a mysterious employer to do hero work to relive his glory days in tights. The studio of course wanted to keep audiences guessing about who was the genuine threat in Incredibles 2 with a variety of contenders revealed throughout the movie before the main villain was divulged. In the video from Disney, Bob Odenkirk and the character designers described Winston’s qualities. As Odenkirk notes, at first his character comes across as the bad guy but he has honorable motives to help supers come out of hiding and rejoin society.

Character and costume designer, Deanna Marsigliese explained the process of fine-tuning Winston into the final product. The team of designers went through a number of sketches before landing on one that still needed some final touches. Marsigliese had a breakthrough when she realized Winston is a business shark and if his facial structure reflected this, it would round out its evolution. The designers created some intensity to his face with his eyebrows and softened it with his kind eyes, balancing out Winston into a confusing pawn that had audiences questioning his motives.

Pixar’s incomparable development process is evident in its releases but one can’t imagine all the intricacies of creating each character. The film soared to become the highest grossing Pixar film to date when it hit theaters, after 14 years of anticipation. The beauty of a movie like Incredibles 2 now being available on Digital and Blu-ray is all the bonus features that come with it, giving fans another look on how the second super adventure with the Parr family came to be.

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