New Hellboy Poster Gives Us An Even More Badass Look At David Harbour

Because he spends his days keeping Earth safe from mystical and mythical threats, it’s easy to forget that had history gone differently, Hellboy could have been one of those creatures targeting Earth. But fate had different plans for this half-demon, and during his time with humans, he’s filed down his horns so he can fit in better among them. However, there have been select times in the source material when Hellboy’s horns have grown to full length, and that’s how he’s depicted in this poster. That tagline, “Legendary AF,” isn’t great, but as far as the look of the character goes, this is an impressive translation. With his sword in one hand and the Right Hand of Doom ready to go, Hellboy is prepared for battle. That said, given that the times Hellboy’s horns have grown back were tied to the prophecy of him bringing about the end of the world, seeing Hellboy like this is cause for concern.

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