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Netflix’s Thunder Force: Premiere Date, Cast And 5 Quick Things We Know About Melissa McCarthy’s Superhero Movie

Recently, it was seemingly indirectly confirmed that Melissa McCarthy will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a role in Thor: Love and Thunder opposite her Ghostbusters co-star Chris Hemsworth. However, Taika Waititi’s highly anticipated fourth installment of the Asgardian Avenger’s solo franchise will not be her first superhero movie. In fact, the upcoming film Thunder Force will see the actress and her co-star, Octavia Spencer, making their debuts as costumed crimefighters together.

It actually seems like it was only a matter of time before the Bridesmaids star would land a superhero flick, having already played cops, criminals, a spy, a Ghostbuster, and even a White House press secretary on Saturday Night Live. Not to mention, it is even more surprising to learn how long it took Octavia Spencer to board that train after two YA novel movie franchises, a handful of horror flicks, and winning an Oscar in 2012. Yet, this upcoming action comedy, which will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix, seems like the perfect comic book-esque vehicle for both.

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