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Mortal Kombat’s Opening Scene Is Bloody And Bone-Crunching And Fans Will Love It

Our goal was, ‘How do you just be able to have somebody come in, sit down in the theater, and watch this movie and not be completely confused by the unbelievable lore that Ed (Boon) and John (Tobias) have created over 30 years?’ And that is such an integral part, emotionally, to the Mortal Kombat lore. It’s about family. It’s about clan. It’s about misunderstanding. It’s about two cultures clashing. It’s about… there’s a little twist in it in terms of the prophecy in this one. And so by bringing people into that world, within 13 minutes you have romance, you have death, you have tragedy, you have ice, you have a guy getting his head stabbed with a sword! You have all of this stuff, and then, you know, someone is taken to Hell. … So it sets up the spectacle. It sets up the emotion. It sets up the characters. It sets up the tone. It sets up fighting, and it sets up fatalities, (all) in one scene.

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