Michael Bay Directed A Scene In Bad Boys For Life And You Can Guess Which One

Adil El Arbi: We were looking for a cameo as a part that he’d play. Maybe it was a guy that was going to get killed in the movie? There are two places where we play ourselves in the movie. Bilall is hitting on Rita, and my car is getting stolen by Will [Smith]. So both of these scenes were options for Michael Bay.

Bilall Fallah: And then we had the idea of the MC. We were thinking, ‘Okay, we got to make it a real Michael Bay shot.’ So the camera goes 360 around him.

El Arbi: And he turns counterclockwise with the shot!

Fallah: So it’s a real Michael Bay moment with Michael Bay. And he directed it himself. We were just, like, watching him direct his own shot.

El Arbi: Yeah, of course! When Michael Bay is there on set. he just explains the steady camera, how to do it, and he knows how to turn. We didn’t tell him anything. … This shot will be studied in film school, because it’s super meta!

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